THE ICEBOMB - Feature  2008


Tom is a teacher's child, a phobic and neurotic, his helath being constant cause of worries and experimetns of his overanxious family. The Schumann-Weils are radical advocators of environment protection, organic food and the worth of work-out. Surrounded by his familiy in eco-fever, Tom seems to be the only reasonable person in this household.

ROENTGEN - Shortfilm 2009


1896. The young doctor Georg believes to have found an all-round cure for his patients by using the recently discovered X-rays. He gets lost in his research and risks everything. His wife Charlotte wants to overcome the growing estrangement to her husband and is ready for any way to go.

EXHUMATION -A LOVE STORY - Shortfim/ Drama 2010
After the deat of his wife Harold (Milton Welsh) wanders loneley around the graveyard seeking oblivion by getting drunk. There Anita (Jutta Fastian) finds him, an old friend of Harold from the schooldays, who lives on the graveyard since her husband died. Together they decide to follow there loved omes into death